People Who CrossFit Together, Stay Together


There’s a saying that goes, People who CrossFit Together, Stay Together. This saying exemplifies the culture, the bond and the friends you make when you start CrossFit. Here are a few ways:


1. Share a Similar Passion

We choose our friends for a number of reasons. One reason is a shared passion. When you CrossFit, you workout with group of people. When you do this daily, you start building relationships with those who share your passion!


2. Health

Aside from sharing a passion, you are actually being productive – you’re getting in shape! For example, females burn approximately 12 calories per minute during their CrossFit routine.


3. Teamwork

There is nothing like being cheered on while working out! When you CrossFit, you have your team to root for you. Many classes involve finishing a circuit of exercises and the team that finishes first, wins!


4. Motivation

Get your butt out bed in the morning! Those 5 or 6 am CrossFit workouts will do that to you. You come in exhausted and you leave amped and ready to take on the day! Some workouts involve as many reps as possible. This requires internal motivation and going the extra rep.


5. Competition

Friendly competition is part of the CrossFit culture. The CrossFit Open allows competitors to register and compete at their local CrossFit boxes. Compare your results with your friends and see who is on top!


Urban Life CrossFit

One CrossFit studio that lives by this saying is Urban Life CrossFit.   

  • In the last five weeks during the CrossFit Open, Urban Life had Friday Night Lights. All of their athletes competed in the Open and did the workout! Friends, family and spectators came to watch!
  • Wine + Wod - Women's Night. Workout on a Friday night, then wine after! 
  • Cheer Stations at local races
  • Summer BBQ + Workout at Green Lakes
  • Spinathon - to raise money for local charities 
  • Halloween Party
  • Syracuse University Basketball viewing parties


Take a look at which of your friends are into CrossFit, so you can get started together!


See Which of Your Friends Like CrossFit






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