Exclusive Interview With Cavegirl Cuisine

Are you looking to start the Paleo Diet? Nervous of the challenges ahead? Well if you are, we had the unique opportunity to interview the very successful Cavegirl! Check out the interview below! 


Exclusive Interview With Cavegirl Cuisine


When/Why did you decide to go Paleo? 

Five years ago, I was in a "Biggest Loser" group at my local gym. The word "Paleo" first passed over the lips of my trainer. I thought that she was crazy. There were so many food groups that I thought she was eliminating. But, then I started doing my research. Carbs could be found in other areas than just whole grains. Dairy was over popularized with the "Got Milk" campaign and, quite frankly, what our moms taught us growing up. And beans, well we can get along without these lectin-heavy little guys.



After a little trepidation, I hopped on board. The weight went away. My energy level went up! But a lot of my group was bored. I couldn't understand their reaction because we were talking about real food.


Why on earth was this boring?

I was sitting there at my kitchen counter with my computer in an age when everyone was starting blogs. I initially wanted "Captain Cavegirlllll" said in the same voice as Captain Caveman...my fellow old folks will remember this. Anyway, that name was taken, so Cavegirl Cuisine was available, and that became me. On that day. With no website experience. I just knew that I could make tasty recipes out of simple ingredients. So, not knowing that I was grasping onto the cliché saying, "Ignorance is Bliss", I plunged forward. Five years later, I am still learning not only about food and trends, but trying to keep on top of social media and exposure!



Challenges, there have been many. I am a mother of two teenage girls. They are horrible creatures, or haven't you heard?! I love to say that I'm a strong mom that doesn't stand for short-order cooking; however, that's what happens. I will let you know that one of my girlies is allergic to shellfish and the other one loves it, so, of course, I have to play nice on those nights so as to not kill my oldest daughter ~ it just seems right that way! Then some nights, they just want gooey cheese. I just make sure I buy very fresh, non-processed cheeses when our cravings arise. And, that's OK. We don't have gut issues with dairy, but when we do indulge, I just make sure I buy the best quality products. We also like pasta. I "zoodle" tons of tubers and squash, but sometimes, my family wants pasta. So, I just make some. It is so easy. Google it. Fresh pasta made with fresh eggs is soooo easy. Try it!


What advice would you give to someone who is looking to start Paleo?

There are many theories out there for folks first diving into the Paleo pool. Some say to just dive in. But, that can be scary. My advice is this. Go through your pantry. If the ingredient list on any pantry product has more than five ingredients, then trash it. Keep the rest temporarily. Then, gradually start to train your body and mind to go for the fresh stuff. Don't replenish your pantry with crap. I would also suggest starting with simple recipes until you get the hang of working with some of the new ingredients. 


Why does Cavegirl Cuisine personally matter to you?

Cavegirl Cuisine truly started out as a hobby, but I have met some fascinating folks along the way. I also probably wouldn't have cooked half the things that I have if it weren't for my audience. The process has been mutually beneficial and running my blog is now just a part of my life.


How is Cavegirl Cuisine different than other blogs?

Oh, I suppose at the root of it, Cavegirl Cuisine could be deemed just another paleo recipe site. But, I believe the difference comes in what blogger personality the followers align with and want to follow. I think my voice is playful, there are a lot of wine memes, and I like to interact as much as possible with my audience. And, I just love to cook. With that said, there are so many amazing and creative bloggers out there...there is no excuse for creating healthy recipes that the entire family would love.

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