How to Make Baked Items

The Paleo Diet is a diet based on the foods that the hunter-gatherer ate 10,000 years ago! This consists of meat, poultry, wild fish, nuts, fruits, and vegetables – a low inflammatory diet free of processed foods and grains. However, in today’s time how can you bake and keep it paleo?

Below are some tips to bake Paleo:

1. Instead of traditional white flour or even whole wheat flour, which prevent the absorption of vitamins and minerals, use a gluten free flour instead such as coconut, almond, or tapioca flour.

2. White or brown sugar spikes your insulin instead use stevia, monk fruit, or honey but keep the honey at a modest level.

3. To further cut back on the processed sugar, use whole fruits instead of jams and jellies.

4. Instead of milk, a common allergen and causes inflammation to the skin, use coconut milk instead. A great source of vitamins, minerals, plus it is lactose-free.

5. When baking paleo, you can add nuts and seeds which offers a great texture, taste and a load of protein to your paleo baked goods.

Bio: Zachary Schleien is the Co-Founder of LIFT Protein Muffins, which offers a meal in a muffin. He has been invited by non-profits to talk on topics such as entrepreneurship and nutrition. He has been on the Paleo Diet for over 4 years.


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