How I Broke My Phone Addiction in Under 48 Hours

Every evening I would promise myself that I would get into bed by 10:30 pm to read and then be out cold by 11 pm. However, this never happened. I would get into bed by 10:30 pm and end up passing out closer to midnight or even later. The problem? My phone. I would start reading my kindle but after 5 minutes get distracted by my phone, which was on my bedside. I would read 5 pages then look at my phone and then read another 5 pages…it was a vicious cycle.


The Vicious Cycle 

Every morning when I awoke, the first thing I would do is read my texts, emails, Facebook and Instagram notifications. I was constantly staring at my phone. My brain was constantly stimulated. The other night I realized how crazy the cycle was.

I decided to go cold turkey and keep my phone in my living room. The results were instantly tremendous. Here are the top 5 results. 

  1. Instead of using my phone as an alarm clock, I used a traditional clock. Easy enough.
  1. I was now able to read without getting distracted by my phone. More than 5 pages at a time…
  1. I now keep a notepad and pen by my bedside for any burning thoughts that I may have. Previously, I would jot these thoughts on my phone which would then lead me to internet browsing and scrolling through my Facebook feed.
  1. I now fall asleep much more quickly, without the stimulation from my phone. 
  1. I now wake up feeling more refreshed. I no longer look at my phone until after I shower.


Was it easy? Far from it. I had withdrawals for the first 48 hours. I would reach for my phone once I awoke, only to realize it was in my living room. My head ached the first morning as I obsessed about my notifications in my sleep. This constant obsession must have disrupted my sleep.

After 2 nights of being phone-free, the obsession dissipated. I now rely on my alarm clock, read more, and most importantly have a better night’s sleep!



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