David Markovich - Living A Paleo Lifestyle & Founder Of Online Geniuses

LIFT Protein Muffins had the privilege to interview the founder of Online Geniuses, David Markovich, a CrossFitter and someone who follows a Paleo lifestyle! Online Geniuses is an internet marketing community with events across the globe comprised of over 16,000+ members! 


The Weight Gain


David: I was always in shape. I was a runner and a weight lifter. In my teens, I weighed about 140 pounds and was benching 210 pounds. In my early 20s, I started getting really busy, eating poorly and then gained a lot of weight. In no time I had gained 70 pounds.

David: At first, it wasn't too bad. However, when I would go clothing shopping, I would try on new pants and soon realized these don't fit. I soon started to think about things that wouldn’t even cross my mind before, like climbing stairs.  


Why Did You Go Paleo?


David: I read an article on Quora that asked whether people treat you differently after you lose weight? One participant shared how people treated her differently. I had time to reflect about how people were treating me. For the next three months, I looked at solutions on how to lose weight. I asked an expert in the field and they recommended the Paleo Diet. I looked at it and thought this would be easy. I could lose the weight in 6 months. I'll cut out bread and soda. I was super confident. I had read that going Paleo would be hard for 3 weeks.


The Journey


David: After day 1, I was super tired. I had no energy. After the first week, I never felt full. I was thinking, I don’t know if I can do this. After 2 weeks I started dropping a lot of weight but didn't feel myself. Then after 3 weeks, it had hit me. I felt normal. I had no desire for sugar or soda. I have now lost 45 pounds in 8 months.


What Did You Wish You Knew?


David: A huge majority of people told me it wouldn’t work. Even people I really trusted. They said I couldn't do it for more than 1 month. They said it's unhealthy and the wrong way to diet. But, I committed to the Diet, so there was no going back. When I went to the doctor for the first time, he said everything was perfect.

David: There will be doubters, but when you commit you have to trust the process and persevere.


How Do You Feel Now?


David: I am now a year into the Paleo Diet and I have no desire to break it. Now, when people see me, they ask how I lost the weight. Of course, now they're Paleo, too!


How Has It Impacted Your Business And Your Life?


David: I learned a lot about self-control. I no longer feel bloated or tired. I started working out again. I am into CrossFit. My mornings consist of waking up at 6 am for a workout, then going straight to work, and getting back home at 7 pm to cook dinner. The lifestyle has helped me become more self-disciplined and my energy has gone up too!


David: My business, Online Geniuses, is very high energy. I’m always moving. There are 16,000 members with events in over 20 cities. So, as you can see there are a lot of moving parts. Each event has organizers, venues, and sponsors. My goal is to help the organizers make their events successful while growing the community. Running the business is like being in charge of a restaurant. Instead of 100 people in the restaurant, it’s 16,000.  



David Markovich Bio 

David is the Founder of Online Geniuses. David is an avid public speaker at universities, meetups and large enterprises. When he’s not writing in the third person, he’s browsing Reddit. You can follow him on Twitter!  



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