5 Ways The Paleo Diet Is Just Like Starting a New Job

The Paleo Diet is much more than a diet. It's a lifestyle that requires dedication, grit, and commitment. Three qualities that must be displayed for starting a job -- especially if you want to succeed in your new role. Here are 5 ways the Paleo Diet is just like starting a new job!

1. Challenge:

When you start the Paleo Diet it can take 2-4 weeks to kick your carb and sweet cravings! In fact, your gene expression can actually change. Previously your body relied on carbohydrate to fuel your body, while now it will rely more so on fat. Going Paleo isn’t easy. You may become hangry. This is similar to starting a new job. You will have new challenges but also face a new learning curve. In time, you will conquer the Paleo Diet and get over these cravings just like your new job.

2. Ask for help:

When you begin a new job you will have many questions. How do I do this or who can I speak to about this? You will have to seek help. Whether it's by Googling or asking a colleague on your team. When you begin the Paleo Diet you will have many questions. Can I eat quinoa? What about sweet potatoes? You may seem overwhelmed at first when starting the Paleo Diet, but there are many resources and communities on the web.

3. Growth:

You may change jobs for a few reasons. Maybe you were unhappy in your previous job or maybe you have the mentality of how do I continue to grow. The Paleo Diet is just that. You’re optimizing your health and nutrition. You will have more energy, and you will look and feel better! Don’t be surprised if other areas of your life just start working!

4. Teach:

They say the best way to learn is through teaching. Once you’re on the job, become more comfortable, and you're past that initial learning curve, you may start teaching your colleagues or new employees. As mentioned previously, when you start the Paleo Diet you will be challenged but eventually, people will turn to you for advice.

5. Iterate:

When you begin your job, you will go by the book. You may not want to bend the rules or add your creative flair at first, as you absorb the knowledge from your team. However, once you start getting comfortable, you will add your own flair to the role -- one of the reasons they brought you in the first place. Similarly to the Paleo Diet, you will test what works and what doesn’t. Maybe you will start with some hard cheese and then later eliminate it from your diet or vice versa. It’s okay to experiment. Paleo isn’t set in stone. It’s a guideline to help you live a more effective and healthier life.


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Bio: Zachary Schleien is the Co-Founder of LIFT Protein Muffins, which offers a meal in a muffin. He has been invited by non-profits to talk on topics such as entrepreneurship and nutrition. He has been on the Paleo Diet for over 4 years.



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