5 Reasons Why Highly Successful People Go Paleo

People love a challenge. Especially people who strive for success. Success can be defined in many ways -- how far you rise up the corporate ladder, how much money you make, fulfilling your dreams. Chances are if you’re a motivated and strive to be the best you can be, you will naturally turn to the Paleo Diet. Here are 5 reasons why highly successful people go Paleo.

1. The Challenge:

It takes a certain individual to love a challenge. If you’re seeking out new challenging projects, applying yourself and being willing to step outside your comfort zone, then you’re one of these people. Going onto the Paleo Diet is no joke. It’s challenging, especially at first. But you know you can do it since you are motivated to take on challenges head-on.

2. Discipline:

Are you on a sleep schedule? Do you workout every day even though there are days you don’t feel like going to the gym? If this is you, your discipline is way above the average individual. A sure sign that you will take on the Paleo Diet like you take on your life.

3. Consistency:

What do Mark Zuckerberg and the late Steve Jobs have in common? They wore the same shirt daily, not expending unnecessary mental energy on their wardrobe. On the Paleo Diet, you know what you can or cannot eat. There’s not I’m only going to have a half a cookie mentality.

4. Potential:

It’s no surprise that highly motivated individuals are more apt to grow and work on themselves. Why? They want to reach their fullest potential and deliver incredible results. The saying, You Are What You Eat, can’t be overlooked. If you eat bagels, pizza, and ice cream daily, you’re not hitting your potential. You are jeopardizing your mind and body. There’s no need to constantly feel sluggish after a meal.

5. Stand out from the crowd:

You’re at a party, instead of going with the crowd and drinking beer and eating chips you go for the celery and club soda. You don’t get pressured into a herd mentality. Your friends will take some jabs at you. However, you feel the benefits and you do what’s best for you.

You're a rockstar who strives to be the best and turning to the Paleo Diet is a no-brainer. You will have clarity, energy and you will see results. No wonder successful people seek out what is best for them.


Bio: Zachary Schleien is the Co-Founder of LIFT Protein Muffins, which offers a meal in a muffin. He has been invited by non-profits to talk on topics such as entrepreneurship and nutrition. He has been on the Paleo Diet for over 4 years.



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