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International Shipping

Does LIFT Protein Muffins ship internationally?


Do you ship nationwide?

When will my package be sent out?

What is the minimum order?

Can I order multiple flavors in one order?

Can I ship to multiple addresses in one order?

What payment methods do you accept?

Can I do overnight shipping?

What is your return policy?

Storage / Reheating

Storage / Reheating

How do I store my muffins?

How do I reheat my LIFT Protein Muffins?

How long will my muffins stay fresh? 

Food Allergies / Diets

Food Allergies / Diets

Where can I find the ingredients and nutrition facts?

Are LIFT Protein Muffins paleo?

Are LIFT Protein Muffins a meal replacement?

Are LIFT Protein Muffins gluten-free?

Are LIFT Protein Muffins vegan?

Are LIFT Protein Muffins nut-free?

Other Inquiries

Other Inquiries

How can I follow LIFT Protein Muffins on social media?

Can seniors eat LIFT Protein Muffins?

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